A220 Race Car '68

Alpine A220 Race Car '68
2,966 cc
Max. Power
319 BHP / 7,800 rpm
Max. Torque
35.0 kgfm / 6,000 rpm
4,080 mm
1,740 mm
1,030 mm
PP 605
#Racing Car
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It's hard to believe that a Le Mans prototype also competed in rallies. Well, it really did happen! Let me introduce you to the Alpine A220. It's a successor to the Alpine M Series, which performed well at Le Mans in the 1960s. Featuring a mid-mounted 3L V8 engine designed by Gordini... It unfortunately never made much of a mark at Le Mans. However, it would go on to compete in the world of rallying which was a fairly unique challenge for such a car. This car has a dramatically shortened tail for rallying, making it especially rare.
McKeel Hagerty
How to acquire the Alpine A220 Race Car '68
The Alpine A220 Race Car '68 can be acquired from the Legend Cars dealer. It was last added on January 22nd, 2024 for Cr. 330,000.
Hagerty / Legend Car Dealership history
April 13th, 2022
Cr. 300,000
July 16th, 2022
Cr. 330,000
September 5th, 2022
Cr. 330,000
November 22nd, 2022
Cr. 330,000
February 11th, 2023
Cr. 330,000
May 7th, 2023
Cr. 330,000
August 4th, 2023
Cr. 330,000
October 30th, 2023
Cr. 330,000
January 22nd, 2024
Cr. 330,000
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