300 SL (W194) '52

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Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (W194) '52
2,996 cc
Max. Power
178 BHP / 5,000 rpm
Max. Torque
28.7 kgfm / 4,000 rpm
4,220 mm
1,790 mm
1,265 mm
PP 427.27
#Racing Car
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The type W194 300SL is one of the more notable Mercedes-Benz machines from the Golden Age of racing of the 1950s. A champion at Le Mans and the Carrera Panamericana, the car is also known for inspiring the iconic 300SL Coupe. Designed by Rudolf Uhlenhaut, a legendary engineer with a vast amount of experience in race car design... ...the Mercedes-Benz W194 300SL boasted the latest in the race technology of its day. It featured a spaceframe chassis, an independent suspension and a single-overhead camshaft inline-6. Only ten were believed to have been built. Thanks to its excellent performance and reliability, the car shone in endurance races. This car, chassis number 007/52, is the car that won Le Mans. If a W194 were to hit the market now, the price would surely be astronomical.
McKeel Hagerty
How to acquire the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (W194) '52
The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (W194) '52 can be acquired from the Legend Cars dealer. It was last added on January 4th, 2023 for Cr. 20,000,000.
Hagerty / Legend Car Dealership history
April 7th, 2022
Cr. 11,000,000
June 15th, 2022
Cr. 13,000,000
October 7th, 2022
Cr. 20,000,000
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